Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Moroccan Adventure!

This past weekend I went with a local student tour group to Morocco. It was so interesting and exciting! We traveled to three Moroccan cities. It was definitely a culture shock!

The first city we went to was Tetuan. We walked through the Medina, the oldest part of the city, and went to a rug-making artisan shop. We also wandered through the local markets where fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and other groceries and household goods are sold.

We spent the night in Tangier, a more modern city. We walked along the streets, which looked similar to any other modern European city.

We also went to Chefchauen, a city painted blue. It was quaint and beautiful!

One of my favorite experiences in Morocco was riding a camel. The camels were really high up! It was a lot of fun. The camels were very friendly :) We also got henna tattoos at a local restaurant. The food in Morocco was pretty good! They eat a lot of bread, meat and vegetables. We also had couscous!

Morocco has such an intriguing culture. It was so strange to see live chickens and sheep being sold on the street. There is definitely a lower standard of living in Morocco. There was more poverty too. Still, the people of Morocco are very friendly and open. They are also intelligent- they speak English, French, Arabic and Spanish...and probably more.

I will never forget my time in Morocco!

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